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Vivienne Hanging Metal Planter Pot Holders


Like something you might find at an antique market or in a modern, abstract museum, the carefully designed

Vivienne Hanging Metal Planter Pot Holders creates a perfect feature piece or pieces for any space in your home. The painted

metallic finish, in either a striking gold or sutble black, let's the plant of your choice that you place in the pot, pop with vibrance. Simply place a hook in your roof or wall, put your pot in the planter holder and hang from the hook.

The Vivienne Hanging Metal Planter Pot Holders are the perfect partner for indoor potted plants or any of our faux botanicals. Choice between two colors, and two styles.


  • Made from Iron with high quality paint finish that is both strong and durable. 
  • Lightweight structure that is suitable for hanging indoor and outdoor use and easy to move around. 
  • Easy to install in either your roof or wall, and railings. 
  • The minimalist design of the hanging planter brightens up any room in the home with its gently modern simplicity. Great plant decoration is perfect to show your plants some love with this elegant. Simple, yet meticulously.
  • This modern planter can be used for planting your flowers, decorate your room, garden or your office. Perfect for your patio, front porch, balcony or inside your home space.

Type: Hanging Iron Flower Pots Planters, Hanging Flower Pot, Metal Hanging Pot.

Material: Iron Metal

Style: Nordic

Options: Round, Oblong

Colors: Black or Gold

Use: Adopting wall hanging design, the flower pot is creative and chic, The flower pot is very suitable for being hung in the living room, bedroom, bathroom, baby nursery, window sill or indoor garden. This is also a nice home ornament with a stylish and beautiful appearance.

Installation: Place a hook in your roof or wall, put your pot in the planter holder and hang from the hook.

Product Weights: Round - 540g; Oblong - 660g


    • Round: 34cm (W) x 34cm(H) 
    • Pot: 14cm
    • Chain Length: 31cm
    • Oblong: 16cm (W) x 52cm(H)
    • Pot: 15cm
    • Chain Length: 48cm 

Package Includes: 1 x Hanging Planter Pot and 1 Hook

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