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Pure Elegance Porcelain & Glass Teapot Set

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Create a look of classic luxury with a new age twist with the Modern Classic style Pure Elegance Porcelain & Glass Teapot Set. With a range of sets to choose from, you'll be serving your favorite blend of tea to your guests with this truly beautiful glass teapot set, or prepare boiling water to make coffee while sitting around your breakfast table in the morning.

Our stand-out Teapot was created using high-quality borosilicate glass, topped with a gorgeous porcelain lid, and perched on a porcelain tealight candle burner base to keep the contents constantly warm, this set will be a beautiful addition to any setting.

Available in two unique Marble colors, a stunning soft gray and soft pink, with different style teapots, with a choice of individual pieces to build your own set, or choose from 12 different options to suit your needs.

  • Made with durable hand-blown heat-resistant borosilicate glass and porcelain ceramic framing.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Easy to hold handle for gentle pouring.

 Type: Porcelain & Glass Teapot Set.

Material: Borosilicate Glass, Ceramic (Porcelain)

Style: Modern Classic, European

Colors: Pink Marble; Gray Marble

Features: Glass teapot with elegant hoop handle, a fine porcelain lid, and tealight candle burner to keep contents continuously warm, match your teapot with a complete set including spoons, saucers and cups as well as your cup holder to keep all the set together, neat and tidy. Dishwasher Safe.

Use: Prepare and serve hot drinks, such as herbal teas and boiling water.

Package Options: 

  • 1 x Cup and Saucer with Spoon
  • 1 x Teapot with Candle Burner
  • 2 x  Cup, Saucer, Spoon and 1 x Small Holder
  • 2 x Cup, Saucer, Spoon and 1 x Small Holder, 1 x Teapot, 1 x Candle Burner
  • 4 x Cup, Saucer, Spoon and 1 x Large Holder
  • 4 x  Cup, Saucer, Spoon and 1 x Large Holder, 1 x Teapot, 1 x Candle Burner
  • 6 x Cup, Saucer, Spoon and 1 x Large Holder
  • 6 x  Cup, Saucer, Spoon and 1 x Large Holder, 1 x Teapot, 1 x Candle Burner



Capacities and Sizes: 

  • Cup: 8cm Top Width, 5cm Height and 10cm Bottom Width; 100ml Capacity
  • Spoon: 12.5cm Length
  • Saucer: 12cm Width
  • Teapot: 6.5cm Lid Width, 12cm Height and 19.5cm Bottom Length; 500ml  Capacity
  • Candle Burner: 11cm Width and 7cm Height 
  • Small Holder: 12.5cm Bottom Stand Length and 15.3cm Height 
  • Large Holder: 18.5cm Bottom Stand Length and 19cm Height 

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