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Mountain Sea Designer Glass Decals


Let your imagination soar with the gorgeous Mountain Sea Designer Glass Decals, bringing to life visions of stunning mountains and beautiful ocean vistas throughout your home. Add something truly unique to your bathroom, kitchen, or living room spaces, when transforming your shower glass or creating privacy screens on windows and sliding doors, adding a whole new dimension throughout.

Simply adhere to any glass surface to create a truly unique look and feel in any room. Made from eco-friendly PVC plastic with a high-quality finish, these decals for glass doors, screens, and windows are available in three regular sizes to suit various spaces, or custom made to your preferred specifications.

Features & Dimensions

Type: Designer Glass Decals, Decals for Glass, Window Stickers

Material: PVC

Style: Modern

Pattern: Mountain Sea

Technique: Digital printing

Surface Treatment: Frosted / etched, opaque, stained.

Features: Self-adhesive (Static Cling), removable, waterproof, heat insulation, privacy protection, UV-blocking.

Use: Bathroom, kitchen, living room, sliding doors, windows, glass surfaces. 

Installation: Self-adhesive. Simply clean desired glass surface, then roll on to apply with special Static Cling function, and trim any excess overhang with a utility knife. Decal will easily cling to the glass, removing the need for glue or other adhesives. 

Package Includes: 1 x Mountain Sea Designer Glass Decal


 Regular Sizes:
1) 45cm(W) x 60cm(H) / 17.72"(W) x 23.62"(H)
2) 60cm(W) x 90cm(H) / 23.62"(W) x 35.43"(H)
3) 90cm(W) x 120cm(H) / 35.43"(W) x 47.24"(H)
Note: An extra 5cm has been added to allow for errors when manual cutting.


Custom Sizes:

1) Size: We can make any size that you require. When placing an order, please leave us a message or send us an email so that we can confirm order possibility.

2) Minimum Order: 0.2 square meters 
Note: Please add an extra 5cm to allow for errors when manual cutting.


How to Place a Custom Order:

Step 1:  Measure your glass dimensions: Height x Width = Square meter.

Example: Your required size: Width = 3.2 meters ; Height = 2.8 meters. Therefore area size is: 3.2 m x 2.8 m = 8.96 square meters.

Please add an extra 5cm on both Height and Width when you make your calculations, to allow for manual cutting when installing. Area:  (3.2m + 0.05m) x (2.8m + 0.05m) = 9.26 square meters.

Step 2:   Choose the right quantity in your order. Square meter = Order Quantity.

If you need 9 square meters, please choose quantity 9 in the Custom Size variant option. If you need 9 - 9.9 square meters, please place the order of 10 square meters (order Quanity of 10).

Step 3:  Leave us a message upon checkout detailing your required wall Width and Height.

Example: "I need a size of Width = 3.2 meters, Height = 2.8 meters".

Manufacturing Time: Please kindly note, it will take 4-6 days to produce a custom- sized film.

Note: As the standard shipping will not accept packages longer than 90cm, when the width and length of customized film both exceed 90cm, for free shipping our designer will need to cut the pattern into several pieces. However, we can package it as a single piece if you choose to pay for express shipping. We will check and inform you of the cost before confirming with our supplier.

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