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Adjustable Food Storage Container

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·Seal food freshness with adjustable food bins to avoid wasting food.

·These containers keep your dry food fresh and keep the pantry organized.
·Its freshness retention and airtightness technology create a dry, sealed environment that keeps your food fresher, so you can keep everything you can think of.
·Guaranteed no leaks and completely sealed! They are also suitable for small non-food items to save space in kitchens and cabinets, creating better storage space.

Main Features

  • Safety: Made of food-grade PS, non-toxic, tasteless and hygienic.
  • Practical: The design has a transparent look that allows you to easily sort and pick up food. Practical in resisting dust and insects.
  • Easy to use and clean: Just remove the silicone from the lid and wash it with water and soap. Reattach the silicone to the lid for reuse.

  • Adjustable: The size can be changed to perfectly fit items between 16 ounces and 32 ounces (470 ml - 960 ml).
  • No ironing: air comes out and won't come back. It can keep food fresh for a long time. Guaranteed "Swoosh" sound. No power needed.
  • Save space: Just take up enough space to save its content.
    45⁄8 inches high (compressed) to 75⁄8 inches (expanded) x 43⁄8 inches in diameter


  • Height 4⅝ "(compressed) to 7⅝" (extended) x 4⅜ in diameter.
  • Height 118 mm (compressed) to 194.5 mm (extended) x 114 mm diameter.
  • Storage capacity can be freely adjusted between 16 ounces and 35 ounces.

Product Packaging:

  • 1 x Food Cans / 3 x Food Cans / 6 x Food Cans (optional)


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