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Ocho Rios Large Surface Wood Block Collection

$62.03 $124.05

Western Nest has designed an elegant line of cutting boards which are essential for any kitchen.  The Ocho Rios Large Surface Wood Block Collection is a versatile collection of cutting boards and can be used in a range of options from traditional prepping your fruits and veggies to elegant display of your next cheeseboard. Caribbean inspired rustic chopping blocks offer inspiration to both beginner and experience home cooks and hostesses.  

Upgrade your kitchen today with these eco-friendly chopping blocks. This exclusive Western Nest Ocho Rios Large Surface Wood Block Collection  is the perfect centerpiece at your next family gathering. 

A - Single Ring 
B- Double Ring
C- Extra Wide Surface
Size: All sizes feature a 4" handle
Size:  Ebony A-Small:  8x6"
Size:  Ebony A-Medium:  12x8"
Size:  Ebony A-Large:  15x9-1/2"
Size:  Ebony B-Small:  8x6"
Size:  Ebony B-Medium:  12x8"
Size:  Ebony B-Large:  15x9-1/2"
Size:  Oak A-Small:  8x6"
Size:  Oak A-Medium:  12x8"
Size:  Oak A-Large:  15x9-1/2"
Size:  Oak B-Small:  8x6"
Size:  Oak B-Medium:  12x8"
Size:  Oak B-Large: 15x9-1/2"
Size:  Ebony C-Small:  13x8"
Size:  Ebony C-Large:  16-1/2 x 9-1/2"
Feature:  4" Handle


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