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A Day for the Lily Mural Wallpaper Decal

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Feel a sense of creativeness and give your interior a unique look and feel like no other with the beautiful mural-style A Day for the Lily Mural Wallpaper Decal. This beautifully designed wallpaper wall mural will instantly transform a tired wall in need of a glamorous refresh. Featuring an eye-catching floral design in statement colors, and printed onto your desired finish material texture to give it a unique look, this luxurious wall mural will create a breath-taking feature wall within your home.

Created from fine non-woven wood-fiber wallpaper, this wall decal mural is easy to apply to your walls and will transform any space within hours. Available in five different textured finishes, and cut to your preferred custom sizing.

Simply measure your wall area width and height, choose your favorite textured finish, and leave us a message upon checkout to make your custom order. Orders are calculated per square meter - if you need 9.6 square meters, place an order for 10 square meters, then message us your size details and preferred wallpaper texture finish, and we will do the rest!

Features & Dimensions

Type: Textile Wallpaper Decal

Material: Wood Fiber Wallpaper (Non-Woven)

Style: Vintage

Pattern: Floral

Surface Treatment: Digitally printed

Wallpaper Texture Finish: Straw Texture, Imitation Leather, 3D Relief, Waterproof Silk Cloth, Waterproof Canvas. Choose the look and feel of the material onto which you would like the design printed.

Features: Anti-static, extra thick, environmentally friendly, formaldehyde-free, mildew and moisture resistant, mold-proof, smoke-proof, sound-absorbing, and heat insulation.

Use: Wallpaper for living room, study, bedroom, cafe, restaurant, bar.

Installation: Clean the wall, then simply add glue adhesive to wall surface and back of wallpaper. Then roll onto wall, manually trim any excess overlap with a utility knife, and smooth out with a scraper to finish. (Glue adhesive not included with order). Please note, the item will come in multiple square pieces for safe shipping, and to keep the mural flat. 

Sizes: Sizes are made to order, and sold per square meter. Please leave a note for us upon checkout with your required amount, detailing your required length and height in meters (m). Please allow an extra 5cm on regular size pieces, or add 5cm onto your calculations for custom-made sizes. This is to allow room for error when trimming the pieces to correctly fit your wall.

Package Includes 1 x A Day for the Lily Mural Wallpaper Decal in your chosen size.


How to Place a Custom Order:

Step 1:  Measure your wall dimensions: Height x Width = Square meter.

Example: Your required size: Width = 3.2 meters ; Height = 2.8 meters. Therefore area size is: 3.2 m x 2.8 m = 8.96 square meters.

Please add an extra 5cm on both Height and Width when you make your calculations, to allow for manual cutting when installing. Area:  (3.2m + 0.05m) x (2.8m + 0.05m) = 9.26 square meters.

Step 2:   Choose the right quantity in your order. Square meter = Order Quantity.

If you need 9 square meters, please choose quantity 9 in the Custom Size variant option. If you need 9 - 9.9 square meters, please place the order of 10 square meters (order Quantity of 10).

Step 3: Choose your Wallpaper Texture Finish. 

There are 5 material textures available to choose from: Straw Texture, Imitation Leather, 3D Relief, Waterproof Silk Cloth, Waterproof Canvas.

Step 3:  Leave us a message upon checkout detailing your required wall Width and Height, and chosen Wallpaper Texture Finish.

Example: "I need a size of Width = (3.2 + 0.05) meters, Height = (2.8 + 0.05) meters, in Waterproof Silk Cloth texture finish".

Manufacturing Time: Please kindly note, it will take 4-6 days to produce a custom-sized piece.

Note: If we haven't received a message detailing your preferred Wallpaper Texture Finish within 24 hours, we will produce default material "3D Relief".

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